Material Weight 28gsm polyproylene                                Item # IG2510   YELLOW,  IG2520  BLUE , IG2530  GREEN 

Isolation Gown

Made from lightweight fluid-resistant multi-ply material that is breathable, flexible and strong enough for tough duties. Gowns are generously sized for full coverage and flexibility. Offered with elastic or knit cuffs. Constructed with waist and neck ties to ensure secure fit.

Color available in white/blue/yellow/green

One size fit all, univesal size

CPE Gown

- Compliant for contact with food
- Smooth finish to inhibit bacterial growth
- Splash resistance for superior protection

Size available in 45", 50", 55", 60"

Color available in white/blue/orage/yellow/purple

CPE gown is for use in food applications and is ideal for any number of industrial or healthcare applications that require excellent particulate protection and barrier against water-based and non-hazardous liquids.

Packing: 25pcs/bag, 4bags/case

Material Weight 28gsm polyproylene +15gsm PE waterproof,          Item # IG3510 Yellow,  IG3520 BLUE

Packing: 50pcs/bag/case

WellCare Gown

ITEM: CPE-(size)-Color                                             CPE-45B  ,CPE-50B, CPE-55B ,CPE-60B                 CPE-45W, CPE-50W, CPE-55W, CPE-60W